Will Filing for Bankruptcy Stop My Creditors From Attaching My Wages?

Daily calls from creditors and collection agencies are stressful. In fact, the stress it brings is the biggest factor why many individuals decide to file for bankruptcy when they can no longer pay their debts. However, bankruptcy is a complex process that’s why it is best to get a bankruptcy attorney in Corona.

Some Things to Do

When opting to file for bankruptcy, you will need to do a lot of things. Fill out forms, take classes, discuss your situation with a Corona bankruptcy attorney, list down all your creditors, etc. While doing so, you can expect to continue receiving calls from collectors. While doing everything, you need to keep on working so you can have money in the future.

Wage Worry: Garnishment

One of the most common questions of someone filing for bankruptcy in Corona for the first time is whether or not it will stop creditors from attaching wages. Several states provide wage garnishment protection. Despite the presence of this protection for consumer debts, some creditors are still allowed to attach wages as a way to collect payment.

People worry that their wage will be attached. It is not surprising that collectors use it as a primary way to threaten debtors. If a creditor or a collection agency does this, do not hesitate to consult a bankruptcy attorney Riverside.

Don’t worry if your debts are consumer debts. Most states protect wage, salary and even commissions from being attached for consumer debts like loans and credit cards. Employers will not release your earnings to creditors and collectors. However, attaching wages are allowed when you broke an agreement for rental or lease as well as for premiums of health insurance. Moreover, know that wage garnishment can only be done with court order.

Bankruptcy to Prevent Wage Garnishment

Bankruptcy might stay on your credit history for several years but the beauty of it is that it can wipe out debts and can stop creditors from attaching wages. In fact, some garnished wages can even be retrieved. Bankruptcy also works to stop garnishing of your funds in the bank as well as collection activities.

Bankruptcy may be a lot of work but there are lots of benefits to someone who is financially troubled. Debts will be wiped out. No one can attach your wages for consumer debts. The record that you filed for bankruptcy might stay on your credit history for a long time but at least it will give you what you need – peace of mind and a chance to start debt-free.

Contact our trusted Corona bankruptcy lawyer for more information or to schedule a free consultation by calling us toll free at (877) 674-1021 7 days a week from 7am to 11pm PST.


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